Steve Jobs Movie (2015) Release Date is out! Is “Steve Jobs” better than “Jobs”?

The question will be answered on October 9, 2015. Yes, ladies and gentlemen! That is the Steve Jobs movie (2015) release date. The previous Steve Jobs movie was not liked by movie goers since it portrayed false details of the modern genius Steve Job’s life. We are hoping this movie does a better job! Here are some interesting facts about the movie:
The writer of the movie Aaron Sorkin, who has written movies like The Social Network and Moneyball, wanted Tom Cruise to play the title role, but producers felt he was “too old” for the part.

Steve Jobs Movie (2015) Release Date : Actors Pulling Out

Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christain Bale had initially agreed to play the part, but backed out later for some reason. Maybe because the script is 180 pages long and 100 pages are dedicated to the character of Jobs.

The Steve Jobs movie (2015) release date could have been earlier if Sony, who was originally going to make the film hadn’t pulled out. Universal Pictures took over the reins later.

David Fincher pulled out leading to Steve Jobs Movie (2015) Release Date extension

Gone Girl and The Social Network director David Fincher was supposed to direct the film but dropped out of the project due to payment disputes.
After coming to know the Steve Jobs movie (2015) release date, we have marked our calendar and can’t wait for the movie to finally be out!

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